About Kirby Totty


Purchasing an aircraft, especially those previously owned, can be a daunting and risky undertaking without proper guidance. Kirby Totty, owner and founder of CTK Aero Technical, has created through decades of aviation experience, a
methodology to help alleviate as much risk and worry as possible, for both first time and experienced airplane buyers. From selection and inspections, to negotiation, registration, financing, and insurance, Kirby’s got the expertise and connections to help you!

About Kirby Totty:

  • 25 Years+ IA/A&P
  • Aviation business owner since 1982
  • Have procured 100+ premium aircraft for clients
  • Have sold 100+ premium aircraft for clients
  • Provided maintenance and consulting to Leo Loudenslager and his Bud Light Air Force
  • Performed thousands of hours of design and custom fabrication of aircraft components and structures
  • Procured and delivered airliners to NASA
  • Technical consultant to Hollywood
  • Involved with multiple Oshkosh Grand Champion airplanes
  • Restored dozens of antique and contemporary aircraft including the Piper Comanche single/twin series and Beech Bonanzas
  • Performed hundreds of major repairs and alterations including dozens of field approval STC’s
  • Been heavily involved in both Experimental and Antique aircraft and Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
  • Technical Consultant to the Aviation Insurance Industry
  • Worked crash investigations with FAA and NTSB
  • Performed maintenance on everything from J-3 Cubs & Aeronca Champs to Dassault Falcon Jets and Fokker F-28s
  • Member: NBAA, EAA, American Bonanza Society, Int’l. Comanche Society, Cessna Pilots Assn., Piper Owner Society
  • Outstanding connections to premium Title Companies in Oklahoma City
  • Outstanding connections to Aircraft Financing and Aviation Insurance institutions





We assist you step by step through the process of researching, inspecting, selecting, documenting, registering, financing and insuring aircraft of all types. We’re not an aircraft broker, We’re Your Aviation Partner! With over 30 years hands-on aviation experience, we do everything we can to “Prevent You From Making Costly Mistakes.”