Kirby is a good friend as well as a trusted advisor, and he is the first person I would call with any aircraft related questions.
Jim Tate
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In addition to his superb technical skill, he is a man of integrity. He can be relied upon, and he is just fun to work with.
Don Fish
Chief Counsel (retired)
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He helped me track down an airplane that best fit my use profile, found qualified pilots, directed me to reputable insurance carriers, and managed every facet of maintenance.
Lee Holmes
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He has my full recommendation to anyone looking for a variety of airplane needs. Most of all he is an individual in whom I have always had the utmost trust.
J. Barry Banker
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Kirby conducts his business with the highest levels of integrity. His word is his bond; he is a counselor of the highest caliber.
Gregg S. Treadway, JD
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I give Kirby the highest marks. You’ll be glad you selected him to help in the purchase of your aircraft.
Sharon Schroeder
Business Aircraft Title Internaional, Inc.
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His knowledge of aviation is profound. … He has many strengths. I can recommend Kirby to work with you without reservation.
Tom Patten
P-51D owner
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I can honestly say that Kirby is the type personality that you want around your aircraft. … If you are considering Kirby Totty for the purchase of an aircraft or the maintenance of an existing one, I would look no further.
Clint Joiner
ESTEAM Aviation, LLC
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I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone, but particularly to the customer who is fussy about getting an aircraft that conforms perfectly to his individual requirements.
Captain Tom Baldwin
Air Canada, B-777
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Kirby is extremely picky about the airplanes he buys for his clientele, and unlike the Trade-a-Plane and Controller broker gurus out there, he’s got over 30 years experience as both an IA/A&P, pilot, and business owner.
Carl E. Brasser
Chairman and CEO
Enhancement Services, Inc.
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Every Aircraft Appraisal you did for us was accepted by the insurance companies without question. The aircraft you researched and located for my clients fit them exactly. Not to mention, almost every referral I received from you is still with us and they refer business to me as well.
Bruce A. Peltier
Alliance International Marketing, LLC
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Thank you for helping us find the perfect “Kirby-bird”, named after you because our C-182 represents the best that this make and model has to offer. We discovered that you only deal in immaculate aircraft and your technical skills, and eye for detail are extraordinary.
Diane Rothberg
Captain Airbus A-320
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We assist you step by step through the process of researching, inspecting, selecting, documenting, registering, financing and insuring aircraft of all types. We’re not an aircraft broker, We’re Your Aviation Partner! With over 30 years hands-on aviation experience, we do everything we can to “Prevent You From Making Costly Mistakes.”